Weekend Inspiration: A Book Store, A Home Improvement Store & A Lake

A Book Store

Reading increases knowledge, and gives me the opportunity to learn new words and imagine new worlds.  I love going on the hunt for a good book.  This weekend I stopped by a bookstore that was having a $1.00 book sale.  I prefer old books, and finding them at used book stores.  I love to hunt for them, and track them down, but this bookstore gave me the opportunity to get a few books at a cheap price, and be around other book lovers.

I decided to choose books that I don’t normally read.  I hope this will challenge my reading skills, expose me to new ways of thinking, and stimulate new ideas.

A Home Improvement Store

Nothing says create like a home improvement store.  Well kind of.  My husband and I are embarking on a new journey and chapter of our life.  We have new goals for our marriage and life together.  A life after raising children.  Our new goals include preparing the house for sale.

As part of this we are going to neutralize each room with a new coat of paint.  I am the painter in the marriage, and he is the fix it guy.  I finished our family room this weekend.  It feels great to have our first room done.  The dining room is next.

While this type of creativity is not changing the world, it is changing ours, and that is important.  We have been in a midlife funk for way too long.  Heading to the home improvement store signifies change, and gives me hope for a new future.

A Lake

My mind and heart feel at home by the ocean, and in nature.  We weren’t close to the ocean today, but we did enjoy a local lake.  There is just something about the waves, the breeze, and the blue sky.  It’s a balm for an aching heart and tired mind.

I need these things to be creative.  I need books to feed my mind, and nature to feed my soul.  I need to create, and where better to do that then in my everyday life.  Isn’t impacting the lives of our family worth it?  I think so.

The more I create, the more I want to create.  Painted walls give me ideas for decor, new books feed my idea engine, and nature helps me fly.  It works for me.  What works for you?  What is  leading you to create, take chances, experience new things, and go on new adventures?

Let’s figure that out, and let’s do it.

Marcy Pedersen

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