Don’t Feel Like Creating: 1 Tip To Help

Create Anyway.

I almost hit delete on my blog today.  Why do this?  Why try?  I am not going to make it as a blogger.  What am I thinking?

I mean that administrative job of mine is not lining up.  I can’t take one more Excel spreadsheet!  Help!

I don’t have the right degree, the pedigree, and ingenuity.  What am I doing?

I Am Creating Anyway.

You know what.  I was made to create.  I was made to come up with ideas, and when I do I fly.  My ideas haven’t changed air travel, revolutionized Apple, paved the way for Microsoft, or changed the way anyone lives.  Yet, in my everyday life it has done a few things the past week:

  1. Thanks to my creativity I have a new computer area in my family room.  Our family is united.  T.V. meet computer station.  My husband and I had quite a good time coming up with an Ikea hack.  We did a quick project on a budget.
  2. Thanks to my creativity I have come up with some nice meals on a budget.  Well we got lazy over the holiday weekend, spent too much money on fun and food, and dwindled the grocery budget to almost nothing.  Thanks to creativity we have food to eat.
  3. Thanks to creativity we have re-decorated an existing room with the same decorations.  A few changes, and rearrangements and it looks new.  A little decluttering makes it look like a brand new room.

Some weeks my ideas lead me to great change in my life and career.  Some weeks they help  me make a grocery list on a budget.  Some times I start blogs, build websites, and go on new adventures.  This is how I create.  It’s important to my life, my career, and my family.

What do you do?  What you do is important because you are important, and so are the people in your life.  Go, create!  No idea is too small.  No project is unimportant.  The more you create, the more ideas you will generate.

We can do this!

Marcy Pedersen

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