Good Writing? Becomes a Slow Read

A good writer, blogger, or author will pack so much into one paragraph that we have to step away.  They inspire us and immediately give us ideas, or they do me.  They give me so many ideas in fact that I have to walk away from the piece and digest what it says.

A good writing piece will fill my mind like a good steak fills my stomach.  It’s meaty, there is a lot to it, and I want to take my time and savor it.  It’s not like a fast food hamburger.  We don’t shove it down our throats while we drive.  It’s like a thick steak.  We want to season it, almost look at it for a moment before we enjoy it.

Good writing sets a precedent for me.  A precedent for thinking, writing, and living.  I have chosen authors who set the bar for me as a reader, writer and life learner.  If I am growing and developing I will eventually exhaust the author, and be able to challenge their opinions and thought.  I will then have to find a new author to take me to the next level.

One way to do that is to read who the author’s read.  I use the Goodreads app to help me keep from pushing the place order button on Amazon for the 100th time.  My husband is convinced that I am having an affair with the UPS man because of all the books that arrive from Amazon. So to curve my hunger for books I pace myself.  I add the book to the app as a want to read.  Sorry UPS guy.  Our love affair has to take a back seat.

Why so many books?  When I am connected with an author I want to understand how they developed.  I take note of every book they read to write their book or piece.  If they recommend an article or website I spend time reviewing and researching those resources.  This teaches me how those I respect and look up to developed, and gives me ideas for how I can develop.

Returning from a family vacation my mom looks at me and says, “Well I finished that book in day.”  She was proud that she had read two books in one week, and wished she had read more.  She needs to add some meat to her book diet.  She needs to find some authors that can challenge her reading level, her vocabulary, her thought life, and her current beliefs.

When she finds that author she will grow and develop as a person, and learn to enjoy a nice thick steak.  Fast food will no longer appeal to her.

Marcy Pedersen


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