Summer Fun: Big Business In a Small Town

Sometimes it is fun to explore the country.  In this micro mini town is a very popular ice cream shop.  People drive from miles around to enjoy their ice cream, and the country scenery.

Though we have driven past this area many times we never noticed this store the Dutch Barn Deli.  The store is a delight.  It is smack dab in the middle of rural Indiana which is exactly where it needs to be.  Why?  People live here and need their products.

My husband and I are watch Anthony Bourdain and enjoy living through him as he goes on his culinary travels.  Every once in a while he will highlight a chef who left the big city, and settled in a not so popular area to cook great food.  This store reminded me of that.

My husband doesn’t work very far from this store.  He said that during the week the locals will go to this store for lunch.  The store has a a deli section and serves sandwiches for lunch.  In the back they sell homemade furniture, and crafts.

The store stocks homemade items.  There are homemade spices, noodles, baking goods, snacks, speciality soda’s, cooking supplies and local meats.  What is amazing is that the prices are cheaper than the local grocery store.  So you get homemade quality items for a cheaper price.

Look at this idea.  This would be a great way to highlight products in a thrift store or business:


I started a thrift store several years ago and we made our fixtures and  came up with DIY signs.  This is a perfect idea for a display.  I wish I would have thought of it sooner.  We can find inspiration and ideas anywhere.

Now a summer country trip wouldn’t be complete without finding a good old country church.  I have driven past this one for 20 years and never noticed it.  I thought it was beautiful.


What is a day out without stopping by someones in-house store.



This gentleman had a great stock of antique and vintage items.  I think the biggest find was a collection of Star Wars figures from the first set of Star Wars movies.  My brother is a collector so we are going to ensure he checks the collection out.

I grew up with a big city prejudice thinking that I needed to go to a big city to enjoy life.  Yet look at what treasures and beauty were right in my back door.  The Dutch Barn is where it needs to be, and provides as valuable a service as any big city restaurant.  It was nice to enjoy a  leisurely stroll through the store, and a beautiful drive through the country.  What is their not to enjoy about that kind of life.  We can find ideas and inspiration for living anywhere if we just look it.

Marcy Pedersen

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