Old Books On Front Street: Inspired by Books

When I am on vacation my favorite thing to do is to visit local bookstores.  I am an avid reader, and keep a long list of  books that I want to read.  Used book stores give me the opportunity to hunt for the books I want to read.  While I am on my hunt I also come across new books that I have never heard of.  It’s an adventure.

I really enjoy reading old books.  Older books were written during times when life was different.  When people spent time in the back yard, when families played board games, no one lived on their smart phone, and when people still knew how to have a conversation.

Books that were written prior to the 20th Century are a well of knowledge.  People just thought deeply back then.  People read well, and surrounded themselves with many ideas, philosophy, theology, and thought.  They spent time contemplating, not reading status updates.  They lived during a time when it was okay to question each others beliefs.  In fact it was welcomed because it made them look at their lives, and determine if they could live them better.

I guess old books, and used book stores, introduce me to old ways of thinking, and in that is inspiration for new ways of thinking and living.  I am inspired by how people used to live, and want to hold onto that so I can take that into the future.

Old books keep me grounded.  I blog, and read other blogs.  Are our blog posts not built on some sort of foundation?  I hope they are.  We read and then reiterate what others have already said.  The deeper and stronger our foundation is the deeper and stronger our writing and art will be.

We can find inspiration in so many ways.  For me it’s an old book, and in a used book store.  There the game is afoot, and I am on the hunt for my next treasure.

Old Books on Front Street

Marcy Pedersen

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