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About two months ago I spent a day with my oldest daughter.  It was one of our creative days.  A day where we we try to do something that will spark our creativity, where we can talk about our ideas, and do some day dreaming.  On this trip we visited a small bookstore.

This bookstore had as many neat items as books.  There was a small section of magazines, a section of nick knacks, and books.  It was the section of magazines that caught my attention.  Which is odd for me because I live and breath for books.

They had magazines that I had never seen before.  Probably because I wasn’t looking, but now I do.  I picked up three or four and bought them.  They are writing magazines, art, and creativity magazines.  For some reason these magazines spark so many ideas that I can’t even read them at one time.  In fact I am still working through one of them two months later.

Magazines are like having a paper copy of a blog. Why are simple things so revolutionary?  I just get excited when I can hold something in my hand and read.  I can mark it up, circle, and highlight the text as much as I want.  I am visually stimulated by the images, and stories.  Not a bad return for a $5.95 investment.

I am new to the writing world, and came across these literary resources.  If you aren’t familiar with them then you might want to take a look at them.  Of course for those of you who are way ahead of me then they may be old hat for you.  Either way.  I think they are resources that can stimulate our thinking, creativity, and spark new ideas whether we are writers or not.

Here they are:

1.Freeman’s,’s:+Arrival. This is a collection of stories in a literary magazine/anthology publication.  Best selling author John Freeman is expected to release the second edition in June which will focus on family.

2.Verse,  As the front page of this blog will tell you this is an international journal that publishes poetry, fiction, nonfiction, and visual art.  There is an online version and print version.  Verse publishes a collection of chapter length works.  They do accept submissions.

3.Masters Review,  I was more familiar with this one.  I follow them on Facebook right now.  There is so much good information in this one that right now I can only handle a social media update.  Masters publishes an annual collection of short stories by new and upcoming writers.  Master’s wants to expose new writers to the publishing world, and to readers to help them develop their career.  They give out two writing awards a year, with winners receiving cash prizes, and a review of their work by a literary agent.  They accept submissions year round.  You can get a print publication or read their stories online.

4.Plougshares,  Their website is beautiful.  I subscribed to their newsletter immediately.  I love a nicely designed website.  It just gets me oddly excited about design.  Ploughshares collects and publishes long form stories and essays.  The publication does accept submissions in poetry, fiction and nonfiction, and has a writer’s contest that gives three awards a year.

I have a few magazines that are waiting for me to dive into.  They include:

•Potshot Magazine.  This is a magazine that is published in the UK, and touts itself as an illustrated magazine of new writing.  I love everything UK, and am looking forward to delving into this one.  I was immediately attracted by the illustrations and matte finish of this magazine.

•Poets & Writers.  You all may be familiar with this.  Forgive my naivety.  This site kind of scares me.  I am a novice blogger and this site seems like a world I am not worthy to be in.  Yet, it’s early in the game.  We shall see.  Poets and Writers magazine has it all.  Stories, writing contests, resources for writing, writing prompts, pieces on author’s, and a mind blowing amount of information.  I have to pace myself when I read these types of magazines.  I get so many ideas, and so much inspiration that I quickly get overwhelmed.

•Plough.  The Plough is a quarterly publication of stories, ideas, and culture.  I have yet to explore this publication, but am looking forward to it.  You can check this out at

•Creative Quarterly.  This is a journal of art and design.  This magazine provides a beautiful collection of illustrations and photography.  Each page inspires my imagination, and gives me permission to create.  I have yet to delve into writing stories, but the illustrations and photography in this publication inspire me to try.  The photo’s are begging for a story.  Check it out at

If your aren’t familiar with these resources I hope that you will check them out.  If they aren’t resources you would normally check out because you aren’t into writing I would still recommend trying them out.

New information, resources, and experiences can help us develop rounded personalities, and expose us to new areas in life.  This will in turn help us become more creative, generate new ideas, and help us along our way to becoming the creative we were made to be.

Marcy Pedersen



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