Decor/DIY/Collecting Inspiration

I saw these items for sale in a antique store.  Many of these items can be found at thrift stores, yard sales, and for sale online.  I think these items could make for some interesting decor, or become a DIY project for yourself.

Old Camera’s

I have a few of these sitting around my family room.  I am a theme decorator, and our theme is movies/vintage.  These cameras fit in great.

Up Close & Live

These camera’s could fit in many rooms.  They would look great on a book shelf, side table, or try hanging one for fun.

Old Typewriter

I don’t have one, but I want one.  It just says vintage, and is calling me to type something on that blank page.  It’s a bit bigger piece, but would look nice on a writing desk, large shelving unit, or table.

I love maps!  About 5 or 6 years ago I went to a yard sale, and found a box of memorabilia.  The gentlemen that owned it had passed away.  He spent his life traveling.  In this box was every ticket, brochure, and piece of memorabilia that he had picked up during his lifetime. of traveling.  It was a treasure trove of history and travel.

In the box were several maps from Israel, Italy and other places around the world.  Right now I just have the maps hanging on the wall, but it would be very easy to frame them like the pictures above.  Maps just get me excited.  They give me ideas for adventures, and help me imagine far away lands.

Vintage Tennis Rackets

I wrote in a previous post how we could collect items to encourage creativity in an area.  For example, we could collect instruments as a way to appreciate music.  In this case we could collect tennis rackets to appreciate sports.  These rackets would look great in a family room, t.v. room, a den, bedroom, or almost anywhere.

I like to theme decorate.  I have a travel theme in what we call our library, and a Agatha Christie and Sherlock Holmes theme in my bedroom.  You could do a sports theme in a room, and collect vintage items like these.  These rackets would add sophistication and style to the room.

When shopping at local vintage stores I look for inspiration.  Then I find a way to create my decorating masterpiece myself.  This doesn’t save time, but it can save money.  There is just something unique about doing things ourselves, and developing our own collections.  It is a great way to pour our personality into our home.

Until I shop again,

Marcy Pedersen

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