Chicago Trip: Lou Mitchell’s

On our recent trip to Chicago we ate at Lou Mitchell’s.  Lou’s is a historic restaurant in Chicago that is known for its breakfast and bakery.  The restaurant was packed, but these people know how do provide excellent service, and before you know it you have your seats, your food, and are enjoying a great meal.

They give you a donut hole while you are waiting for your table.  It is all part of the Lou Mitchell experience.  They also provide you with a box of milk duds, and at the end of the meal they provide a complimentary scoop of vanilla ice cream to complete your experience.

Eating a places like Lou Mitchell’s is an experience.  One that I thoroughly enjoy.  It is always great when you can find gem’s like this restaurant.  Well known, great service, great food, and a great experience.

The wait staff make your time there great.  They interact with you in a personal way, but at the same time provide quick service.  It’s like enjoy your meal, but let’s keep things moving.  The staff there should be the standard for all wait staff service.  I would love to know what their training program is like.

The food is excellent.  One of those breakfast places you will yearn to go back to.  The other two places I yearn to go back to are the Cozy Table restaurant in Bloomington, Indiana and Mrs Olson’s Coffee Hut in Oxnard, CA.  Lou Mitchell’s has just been added to the list.

Most meals are served in a skillet.  A complimentary dish is served prior to the meal with a prune and orange slice.  The coffee is excellent.  I am not a Star Buck’s fan.  I just want a nice regular cup of coffee, and Lou’s has just that.  The toast is amazing.  Thick toast.  So thick in fact that you are going to have to really think about whether you want to order toast or not.

When I eat a big breakfast I want a waffle or pancakes.  I wish I could deviate from my plan, but a nice maple syrup and hot waffle or stack of pancakes are just the thing I need.  Especially after a week of granola bars and fruit.

If you are in the Chicago area I highly recommend a visit to Lou Mitchell’s.  It’s a busy place, but the wait staff can handle it.  They will get you seated in no time, and your breakfast will be served quickly.  I am already hungry for another waffle.

Lou Mitchell’s

Onward to more good eats, and more experiences.

Marcy Pedersen


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