Painting, Sketching, Sculpting

To be honest I have no talent in any of these art forms.  I went to a Wine & Canvas event last year and tried my hand at painting.  I think the reason they serve wine is to help us relax and laugh at our art instead of run in embarrassment.

I can’t draw a stick figure.  I have haven’t tried sculpting, yet.  Though I would like to.

Yet, there are many people out there who can paint, sketch, and sculpt. Perhaps you feel like you can’t create in these ways because of your job.  Maybe you are like me and are stuck at a desk all day.  When you get home you are tired, and weighed down with responsibilities.  When is there time to paint, sketch, or sculpt?

Perhaps you are a stay at home mom or dad and are busy with the kids, house, errands, and preparing meals.  Since you aren’t able to be a professional artist you think you have to give up that part of you life.

There are a few things we can do:

  1. Be satisfied.  Our art may never be seen or accepted by the world, we may never have a career as an artist, but we can use our talents to enrich everyday life.

Enrich it for you.

Enrich it for the people with whom you live.

2.  Recognize that it’s important for you to be creative.  Even if you are working a job, or your lifestyle doesn’t support spending a lot of time painting, sketching or sculpting, you can still express your talent.  If you don’t your talent will be buried, and so will a part of you.

What Can We Do?

Start Somewhere.  Just pick something and do it.  This will in turn inspire more creativity, and encourage you to continue expressing your talent.  Here are some ideas for expressing your talent in every day life.


  • Paint a mural at home
  • Paint a picture for a nonprofit to auction off
  • Volunteer to paint for a community project
  • Volunteer at a local school.
  • Volunteer for a prom committee.


  • Sketch in a journal
  • Sketch on paper, take a picture, and then upload the picture online, and use it there.
  • Sketch when writing a letter, or note.
  • Make a sketch for your spouse to take to work
  • Use your sketches to decorate your home
  • Make  a bulletin board to highlight your sketches
  • Sketch in a journal as part of healing from grief or depression
  • Create homemade birthday cards and sketch drawings in them
  • Sketch pictures for a wedding or party menu


  • Take lessons at a community center or local college
  • Visit an art museum to appreciate sculpting
  • Set up a craft area in your kitchen or home and sculpt at home
  • Get some playdoh out and sculpt figures with your kids

There are many ways to incorporate painting, sketching and sculpting into our lives.  If you have these talents don’t wait to express them.  There are ways to fit our art into everyday life.  You never know when doing some simple sketching could lead to a new career.  We won’t know if we don’t start somewhere.

I know how it is.  I was a stay at home mom for many years, raised four children, went back to college eventually, and then full time work.  There is never enough time.  Right now I am writing this at 9:00 at night.  The kitchen still needs cleaned up, laundry folded, and the house picked up, but I made writing this post a priority.

It’s my way of fitting in something I love to do into my everyday life.  The more I write the more I am inspired in other ways in my life.  I buried many things I like to do in the name of raising kids, getting an education, and for work.  That was a mistake.  Just because I can’t write for a living doesn’t mean I can’t write, and just because I am busy with work and family doesn’t mean I have to bury my talent.

We need to be who we are, and we need to express our talent.  Be deliberate about discovering your talent, and expressing it.  Even if your family is the only people who ever see your painting, sketching or sculpting it is worth it.  It will enrich their lives and yours, and in the end that is what counts.

Now go, create something.

Marcy Pedersen

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