Meals for the Week: Planning Ahead Works

My sister just called and said what are you doing?  You know how it is when you ignore your phone for all of 30 minutes.  People actually call.

Well I came home from work, heated up homemade spaghetti sauce I made the night before, and while that was heating up I was preparing to roast a turkey for dinner tomorrow night.  She said who are you?  Martha Stewart.

No not quite.  I am far from the crafty genius Martha is, but I do like to plan ahead.  So tonight I got home got the sauce on the burner, and started cooking the pasta.  Stuck some bread in the oven to heat up, and turned to the turkey.  A quick prep for the turkey, because I am not Martha Stewart, and we are on our way to getting dinner ready for tomorrow night.

The reality is I get tired as the week goes on.  So crockpot Carnitas is still ahead, but we end the work week with hot dogs and french fries.  Then I rest, and order a pizza.

When I started a new job about a year ago I decided to try some new techniques for getting meals ready, and that would give me more time to enjoy the night, or get more laundry done.  I try to plan several meals I can cook the night before.

I choose a meal to prep on Sunday night, for Monday, then cook Monday night for Tuesday and so on.  I usually throw in a quick meal or two during the week, because I get worn out as the week goes on and my gung ho plan starts to wear me out.  So we have things like hot dogs, breakfast for dinner, BLT’s, or biscuits and gravy (a Southern Indiana classic).

How do you fit home cooked meals in during the week?  Would love to know what others are doing.

Have a good week.  Cook some great food.  Planning ahead gives us the opportunity to cook great meals, on a budget, and that fits in our busy schedules.

Marcy Pedersen


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