Music: Incorporating Music Into Everyday Life

It’s Wednesday.  Two more days to the weekend.  I have been busy everyday and night this week.  There has been laundry, bills, errands, and cooking after work.  We run and run and run and then somehow make it to the weekend.

So where does the discussion of music fit?  I don’t sing in a church choir, play in a band, or write music.  I listen to Pandora on the way to work, but that has been about it this week.

When I was a stay at home mom there was children to feed, a house to clean, errands, diapers to change, and on and on.  Years went by and I lost myself in that time of my life.  It was about raising four kids.  Not about music, and music appreciation.

If we aren’t careful life will just go by.  What if one of my four kids has musical talent?  What opportunity did I give them to discover that?  Not much.  Why?  Too busy?

I told you last time that I want to get my flute rebuilt so I can start playing again.  It’s Wednesday and I have barely given that any thought.  Yet I know that music is important to life, to creativity, and expression.

So what do we do?

Music & Family

Music can bring families together for the experience of doing something together.  Even if people have little or no musical talent there are ways to experience music.  Music, unlike some other art forms, is a form of conversation.  When we play, create, appreciate or participate somehow in music we are having a conversation together, instead of just enjoying a performance.

Music can help families let off steam, reduce stress, can stimulate creativity, develop interest, can give us the opportunity to explore our talent, and clears the atmosphere.  With the stress of life, and work, music should definitely be considered in our repertoire for handling life.


Each person has been given a set of unique talents.  We can’t know what talents our children have unless we give them the opportunity to explore their talent.  If children are exposed to various styles of music they will be given the opportunity to discover what music they like, and can spark their talent and creativity.

Young children make a lot of noise, and want to bang on drums and blow whistles.  This is something that should be encouraged.  Children are naturally curious, and we should fill that curiosity with many different educational opportunities.  Don’t tell little Sally to be quiet, show her how to make music with her toy drum.

Incorporating Music Into Our Daily Lives

If we are deliberate with our time we can find ways to incorporate music into our lives.  It could be as simple as limiting the amount of time on the computer or smart phone.  With a little effort and time we can do some of the following activities:

  • Compose music.  I don’t know how, but I am sure an online tutorial, or book from the library could show me how.
  • Music Appreciation.  Not just for your favorite musician, but for music from different times, cultures, and countries.  Perhaps learning about music from different countries, or attending concerts.  Expand your horizons.  Choose a music style that is brand new to you.
  • Music Discussion.  Yes.  Make a pot of coffee, some cocoa for the kids, or fresh drinks and sit down and discuss a music topic.  This might feel weird at first, but in time you can look forward to music night.  A time to listen to, and discuss music.  Maybe even read a book as a family or couple and talk about it.
  • Take an instrument you play to someone’s house.  Bring along the guitar or tambourine you play to the next get together with your friends or family.  Sing songs, make music, and appreciate each others talent.
  • Collect Music Items:  collect books on the history of music, sheet music, music items, unusual instruments, native drums or wood wind instruments.  Maybe you can’t play music, but you can collect music items.

What needs to change to incorporate these activities into your life?

How can we make this a priority?

Can we think of ways to encourage our child’s creativity, or our own?

What is preventing us from trying something new, today?

We can all appreciate and express musical talent.  We can do so in simple ways each day.  If we aren’t careful we will let life go by, and not make time to discover and express musical talent.  I hope you will consider trying some of these activities.  I believe that if you do your personality will grow, and this will spark your creativity.

Marcy Pedersen

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