DQ Chicken Strip Basket @ Home

As we raised four hungry children we had to come up with creative ideas to feed them on a budget.  To save money I also spent time shopping at yard sales, and thrift stores to find clothes, toys, and kitchen supplies.  It helped to save money any way we could.

I often found nice serving platters, serving utensils, and kitchen supplies at yard sales, and thrift stores.  People often give away, or sell, brand new kitchen supplies, and you can collect the neatest things.  I began my own collection of neat kitchen finds, and added plastic restaurant baskets.  With these in hand I now needed a meal to use them with.

My husband and I love Dairy Queen.  When our kids were little we would get ice cream cones and chicken strip baskets.  The perfect budget friendly meal that I could make at home, and serve in my plastic baskets.  It’s a kid friendly meal, and when served in restaurant baskets at home, feels special.

IMG_0079What’s in Our Basket?

  • Chicken strips, or chicken nuggets: I use Tyson or Banquet.
  • White gravy: I buy white gravy packets at the store.  Country gravy works well.
  • Toast:  I buy Texas Toast bread, toast it and butter it.  It tastes good dipped in the gravy, and so does the chicken.  I cut the toast diagonally.
  • French Fries:  Any cut works, and cook them the way you like best.

I cook all the ingredients up, and serve in the baskets lined with wax paper.  I place a small glass sauce bowl in the basket and fill with gravy.  Fill the basket with chicken, and fries. and place a piece of toast next to the gravy.  You are ready to eat.

Any meal served with love is a great meal.  My youngest child is 16 now, and he still asks for chicken strip basket.  He likes it when I get the baskets out, wax paper, and sauce bowls.  It makes him feel good when I spend just a few extra minutes into serving the meal.

There are always affordable ways to make each meal special, and to develop a tradition your family will appreciate for years to come.  I look forward to continuing this tradition one day when we have grandchildren.  It will be fun to enjoy this fun kid’s meal with them, and maybe they will add heir own twist to the meal, and we can have fun collecting the items needed to serve it.

Good cooking,

Marcy Pedersen


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