The Big Cluck & Our New Belgium Friend

It’s been two nights since we enjoyed a Big Cluck, nice glass of beer, and a night with our new Belgium friend, and I am already yearning for the weekend.  Is there anything better then good food, and good friends?

The Big Cluck is a sandwich offered at, The Tap, a craft beer bar in Bloomington Indiana.  The Tap is one of my favorite new restaurants, and one that I recommend highly.  If you visit Bloomington, or Indiana University, I recommend this bar.  It’s good food, good beer, and fun.

The food is not your typical bar food.  Like it’s beer, it is a step above.  The Big Cluck is a fried chicken sandwich, topped with pickles.  It sets on a piece of provolone cheese and genoa salami.  It is delicious, and a nice change from your typical chicken sandwich.  It is also definitely a BIG CLUCK!

We were happy to introduce a new friend of ours from Belgium to Bloomington, and The Tap.  We had a wonderful night, and he enjoyed the food, and Belgium beer.  I look forward to many more enjoyable nights at this bar, and others like it.  It is casual but  a sophisticated beer bar.  Great combination.

If you haven’t been to a craft beer bar yet I recommend finding one on your next journey.  It’s a great experience, with great food, and good beer.

The Tap Beer Bar

4 more days until the weekend!

Marcy Pedersen


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