Starting the Week Off Right: Preparing meals ahead & easy storage tips

It’s been a productive Monday night.  Work all day, nice workout, then came home to get supper ready for the family.  I guess all that warrants a cooking blog post.  That and the fact that I lost interest in cooking for a while.  I blame a mid-life crisis and the onset of empty nest, but whatever the reason, all that was behind me tonight.  I put my music on, and felt free and ready to create.

I have read about people who take one day a week, and cook every meal they need for the next week.  I admire those people, and am not one of those people.  I don’t have the patience for it.  At least not yet.  I took that idea, however, and modified it.   Here is what I did, and what may work for you.

Chose An Easy Monday Night Meal

I picked an easy meal that I could cook on Monday night.  I choose ravioli and tortellini.  I served them with some mozzarella cheese, fresh bread, and two of our favorite sauces.  I went easy tonight, and just used marinara and Alfredo sauce out of the can.

While the pasta was cooking, and everything else was heating up, I started making dough for homemade ham and cheese calzones.  I would like to thank my good ole Betty Crocker cookbook for my dough recipe.  I have had that book for 26 years, and it has never let me down.  It has provided me recipes way before I could find them online.

While We Ate

The dough rose for tomorrow nights meal while we ate our pasta.  When we were through eating the dough was ready to be divided up, and made into individual calzones.  I put them in the oven to bake, and cleaned up the kitchen.  By the time I was done cleaning up the calzones were done.  Two suppers done at once!

While we eat tomorrow night I am going to broil some chicken breasts that I can cut up and use to make quesadilla’s the next night.  It helps to get any steps done that I can for the next night.

Quick Clean Up Tip

My mother-in-law used to do full time catering for a living.  She stored all her leftovers in plastic storage bags.  Even sauces.  I picked up this habit several years ago, and have found it invaluable when it comes time to clean out the refrigerator.  Simply throw the bags and food away.

My kids never eat what they can’t see, and easily grab.  If it’s in a clear storage bag they can see it, and can easily grab it to heat up.  I have found they eat more leftovers because of the bags.  Bag’s don’t need lids.  If you are like me our lids disappear and are probably in the same mysterious place the socks and dish towels go to.  Storage bags snap or slide, and you are ready to go.

Starting the Week Off Right

This week started off right.  Some do and some don’t.  Let’s do the best we can to make each night special.  A time to create good food, enjoy time with family or friends, and escape from the toil of the day.

Live a creative life,

Marcy Pedersen



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