Tips: Managing Newsletter/Email Updates

Tip-Transitioning Newsletters/Email Updates to Action

This morning alone I have read over 10 email newsletters/updates, a few blog posts; have a book waiting for me at lunch, and a dozen more email updates to still get through. My mind is buzzing. I need to get through these before the next batch come through tomorrow.

I made a rule for myself a couple of years ago when it comes to newsletters, and email updates. Only sign up for what can provide the support needed to achieve a goal, the encouragement to deal with a life issue, or that provides information that can turn into action items.

When I begin a new project, am in the research stage, or looking to develop my skills, I read looking for information that I can turn into action steps.

There isn’t enough time to read everything. If I don’t take care to limit what I read I will get so overwhelmed with incoming messages that I will end up reading very few of them.

Below are some tips for transitioning what we read into action items:

  1. Read with a pen. Have a pen, and paper ready when you read. Why?
    • As you read look for steps you can take, and when you find them write them down in your planner, to-do list, or record them electronically.
    • If there is a webinar you can attend, or other important date, mark it in your calendar.
  2. Be ready to act. Are you really ready to develop, change, and take next steps? Read articles that give you action steps, and take those steps.
  3. All in time. Some articles are packed with so much good information that I am afraid to read them. I end up with ten action items that take some time to implement. Sometimes the author will bring up topics that I know I need to spend time learning about, but don’t have the time to. Here is what we can do:
    • As you identify action items write down the ones that you can do right away. After that stagger the items out over the next month. If they take longer than that, and are important to what you are doing, schedule a time on your calendar to re-visit them after you get some other items accomplished.
    • Remember! We can only do what we can do. Take action, but remember that development takes time. If you are taking consistent action then you are doing a great job. Keep what’s important in front of you, but realize it takes time to get things done.
  4. Keep emotions in check. Okay, maybe it’s just me, and if it is this is just a time of confession. When I have an idea I am completely on fire for what I am doing. Once I am sold out—look out! Here I come. My adrenaline is pumping, I am reading everything I can get my hands on, and am writing to-do lists like a mad woman. My emotion level is high. When I read I am looking for action steps. At some point I come off my creative high, and land in front of something called hard work and development. The to-do list I made is still important, though I have come down off my emotional high. Now it will be time to shift to perseverance, and due diligence.


Maybe this post is just a reminder to me. I just know that when my inbox gets too full of good things to read, social media is pressing me for an update, and I have a full to-do list I can get easily side-tracked, and overwhelmed, which are two sure ways to prevent us from accomplishing our goals.

Would love to hear what your tips are. I need all the help I can get. What are you doing to filter information?

Email me anytime.





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