Become the Most Interesting Person in the World

I knew a man once.  He was a renaissance man.  He could do almost anything, was well versed in most subjects, and was up on all the news and trends.  He was an interesting person to talk to.  He could start a conversation with almost anyone, and could easily speak about almost any topic.

He was my hero.  He was my dad.  He gave me a love for reading, and for learning.  He recommended movies for me to watch, and books for me to read from a very early age.  He chose books he wanted me to read for a specific reason.  They had a message he wanted me to hear.

He was one of the most interesting people I have ever met, and I believe that was because he was a veracious reader.  He read current events, magazines, newspapers, websites, and books.  His knowledge and skill set were constantly growing.  He read about many topics, and this gave him the ability to start a conversation with almost anyone.

He retained most of what he read.  A skill I am sure he learned over time.  This helped him to read various books on a subject, and draw his own conclusions about a topic.  His growing knowledge base enriched his life, his conversation, his creativity and his work.

Reading books is a way to develop your mind, and enrich your soul.  It gets into you.  A good book will take you to new places, challenge your assumptions, and grow your inner being.

Reading helps you to develop your personality. When we read we enter into new worlds, learn new subjects, develop our knowledge base, learn how to do new things, and are exposed to new experiences.  Good books enrich our lives, our vocabulary, and make us interesting people to talk to.

I took a class on editing recently.  I was asked to read a couple books on editing, and I remember thinking that I could never remember everything I was reading.  I noticed, however, that the next time I wrote a paper I did remember some of the editing techniques.  What I read had become a part of me, and was already making me a better writer.

Sometimes we grow and change without realizing it.  If we read three or four books about a subject we will begin to pick up knowledge about that subject, and be able to form our own opinions, and be able to discuss it with other people.

We will become the most interesting people in the world.

I hope you read.  I know there are many people who do.  Reading is a craft for me.  I take it very serious.  It’s a time where I delve into another world, am inspired, and encouraged.  It’s just me and my book.  It’s where an author communicates, and I listen.

I wanted to add this topic to my blog because I think there is a lot to talk about, and learn about reading for meaning, and applying what we read.  I have spent years learning how to study, and retain what I read.  Just like my dad.

Reading develops my personality, strengthens my vocabulary, increases my knowledge, and increases my ability to relate, and converse with others.

Good reading,

Marcy Pedersen




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