My father sang to me.  We listened to his 8-tracks and his albums.  Sing it, Marc.


It helps me cope, it helps me grieve.
It reminds me of my youth, of wild nights out, of calm nights at home.
It helps me dream.  I don’t always hear the words.
It gives me the opportunity to imagine.


It’s something for and about people.  It’s in our minds, it’s in our souls.

Music is not limited to the confines of a profession.  We do not have to be professional musicians to sing, or play an instrument.  We can express our musical talent after a long day at the office, or in the factory.  It’s meant for everyone.

Music can be used in our families to bring enjoyment, relaxation, and as a way to encourage and teach our children.  Music can spark creativity in ourselves, among our family and friends. It gives us the freedom to express ourselves, and develop our personality.

There are many ways we can express musical talent in our everyday life.
*Compose music
*Music appreciation-listen to an iPod, pull out the cassette tapes, albums or radio.  Explore different ways to listen to music, and listen to a variety of music.  As your music appreciation develops, you will become a more interesting person to talk to.
*Play music- if you can play an instrument then get it out and play for your family, make instruments at home.  Children should be encouraged to blow whistles, beat drums, and bang tambourines.  They are already curious and full of energy.  You never know what talent you will spark in them when you introduce music into their lives.
*Concerts-You don’t have to travel far or spend a lot of money to attend a music concert.  Popular artists play in larger cities, college towns have many concerts on or near campus.  Even small rural communities have local artists that play at community centers.  Most colleges and local schools have concerts.  There are many ways to get out and enjoy a night of music.

Right now I have 4 ways to listen to music on my phone.  There have been nights when our family has sat in the same room, each of us with headphones on, listening, separately, to music. We weren’t communicating, we weren’t enjoying anything, together, and no one seemed to be encouraged to develop their musical talent.

Let’s pick up an instrument, or make one, and play some music.  Let’s get some friends together and hit a local concert.  Let’s hit a thrift store, or used music store, and buy our kids some instruments and get home and make some noise.  Let’s put down the phone, and break out those cassette tapes and Bang Our Head!

I broke out my flute.  I am going to send it out and get it refurbished.  You know what.  I am going to start playing at home, then maybe take a few refresher classes, and then who knows, maybe I can join a local alumni band.

I can hear my kids already, mom’s doing what?  You got it.  I used to play pretty good.  What happened?  Life, kids, and I bought the lie.  I bought the lie that says your job defines you.  If you can’t do it for a living, you can’t do it.

This weekend I am going to listen to a Blues band.  I don’t own one blues record, cassette, or song, but it’s time to expand my horizons.  I am grabbing some friends and we are doing it!

Another way to appease your longing for music is to start a music collection.  You can collect instruments, books on music, music from different countries, books or items on the history of music, unusual instruments or miniature instruments.

We don’t have to bury our talent.  We don’t have to say things like:

I’m unfulfilled because…….
I am frustrated because………
I have problems because…….
I can’t express…..

Sure you can, and so can I.

What is one thing you can do today, or this week to express your talent, or develop music appreciation?

Keep in mind. The “professionals” love music and expressed their talent anyway they could, even before they were paid.  It’s who they are and what they have to do.  It’s who we are too.  In some way.  It’s what we need to do to live a fulfilled life.

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