10 Ways to Keep Creative Passion Alive

It didn’t take an hour at work this morning to get knee deep into emails, spreadsheets and a growing to do list. The glow from the weekend quickly dimmed and I could feel the gloom of my day job settle upon me.

My oldest daughter, who is my creative counselor and friend, texted me a movie line in the middle of the day.  That line immediately reminded me of a world that was waiting for me when I got off work.  A world of limitless creativity, opportunity to pursue my passions, dreams and life goals.

Here are a few tips that I thought might help us keep our passion alive during the week.

  1.  Music-listening to music can reduce stress, sets a creative tone and mood, and can help get our mind on things other than deadlines and the daily grind.
  2. Visual Aid-a creative bookmark, wallpaper on your phone or tablet that is inspiring, pictures on your desk, a magazine or piece of art.
  3. Journal-keeping a daily journal can give us the opportunity to write down ideas, thoughts, quotes, challenges, and progress.  A place to be creative.
  4. Movies-good movies keeps my creative juices flowing and something I can sneak in during the week.  Try an old one, something new, something you would not normally watch.
  5. Reading-reading blogs, books, articles and magazines can give us ideas, stimulate thinking, help us research our plans, and give us rest from the day.
  6. Window Shopping-visiting a museum, artsy neighborhood, craft store, art gallery or art show can keep your creative passion alive.  Seeing art often helps us to envision our own art.
  7. Dedicate time to your craft-set a daily goal of 15 minutes up to an hour, to work on your craft.  Dedicating time to what you love will help you feel like you are accomplishing something, give you hope and keep your projects on track.
  8. Talk with others-my oldest daughter is my creative counselor.  She gives me encouragement, helpful criticism, listens and shares with me about her creative projects.  I need this.  I need someone I can talk to who has similar goals, understands the moods of creating and can talk about things only other creatives understand.
  9. Day Off-sometimes we need to take a day off and rest.  A day alone where we can regroup and ensure we are pursuing what is really important to us.
  10. Podcasts-there are some great podcasts out there by others with similar interests as us.  Try listening to something that is new to you.  This could be the inspiration you need to take the next step in your art or craft.

Let’s just pick a couple and start.  We have a passion, a dream, a craft that we want to pursue.  To keep the daily grind of life from extinguishing our flame, lets find ways to stimulate creative living.

Wishing you a great week,


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