Lessons From the Valley

According to the Silicon Valley Community Foundation, Silicon Valley in California employs 1.42 million people, within 1,854 square miles and out of a population of 2.92 million.

Silicon Valley is home to the who’s who of creativity and technology.  Some of the world’s brightest and best designers are fighting for a chance to be a part of the Valley.

A study conducted by Accenture, noted some characteristics of the people and businesses located in the Valley.  Characteristics that I think can help us achieve our own goals.  They are:

  1. Done is better then perfect.  There is a high value on experimentation, and incremental progress.  It’s better to do it, try it and then fix it.
  2. The people are committed, yet independent.  There is allegiance to the work and co-workers.  They are committed to the big picture, not just the company.  That’s what is driving them.  They are committed to technology and it’s future.
  3. Competitive, yet cooperative.  Valley people are team players, and may choose a job based on the people they will be working with.  They thrive on peer networks, networking and will participate in open source projects.
  4. Pragmatic-yet optimistic.  They understand that success is built upon many failures.  Failure is part of the development process, and is an opportunity to grow, learn and improve.  Their is the underlying belief that most problems can be solved.  So failure isn’t a deterrent, it’s something to be overcome.
  5. The people are extrinsically motivated and intrinsically fulfilled.  They like financial reward, money is important, but they also value working on projects that challenge and excite them.  They look for opportunities that will help them grow.  For fun they will participate in tech projects.

Silicon Valley is admittedly the “place” we think of when we think of creative and technological geniuses.  Immediately we think of Google, and Apple.  Enough said.  Right?  How can it get better then that?

There are 7 billion people in the world.  1.42 million jobs are in Silicon Valley.  It’s definitely the hub of creativity, start ups and technology, but what about the rest of us?

What if I am a house wife in Ohio who sings at a local club at night?

What if I am a steel worker in Pennsylvania, and write poetry after work?

What if I am a web designer in Idaho?

A dancer in Cleveland, an entrepreneur in Indianapolis, a writer in Michigan, or an artist in Alaska?

Does my creativity count, if I am not in the Valley?

Yes.  I think it does.  It does to me, it does to those around you and it does to those you are trying to reach.

I applaud you if you work in the Valley, and I applaud you if you work anywhere else.  The success of our creativity is not defined by geographical location, by the size of our paycheck, by the merits of a degree, or by the title of the company we work for.

We are a success when we use the talents we were given to achieve the goals we have set for ourselves.  Only you know what those talents are and only you will know when you have achieved the success you are looking for.

Be the creative you were born to be, and today, you will soar.



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