Mid Week Check In

How would you finish this statement?

“Some day I shall be fulfilled……”

Someday I shall start another life which will develop my talent.

Why not today?  What is preventing you from starting today?

Whatever it is you want to do and whatever your talent is, how can you start doing that today and in a way that enriches other peoples lives?  What could you do to develop your talent?  What can you be doing to express your creativity?

It doesn’t require a career transition, yet.  It can start today.  Just start doing it.  Determine what your biggest obstacles are, write them down and make a plan for overcoming them.

Today is the time to start living that other life and be fulfilled.  Let’s get started.

Coming Soon.  February is music month and this Saturday, let’s tackle meal planning.

Have a good week.  2 more days until the weekend!


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