Becoming You

If we are going to live artistic, aesthetic and creative lives we need to do so based on who we are.  What does it mean if I am artistic, if my home or life is aesthetic and I am creative?  That is the question we want to answer.

Why does this matter?

Well it’s easy to become who others want us to be.  It is easy to live a life that is pleasing to others, because in reality, other people like for us to please them.  We often allow ourselves to become a compilation of what others think we should be and not who we are made to be.

What does it mean to become you?

I don’t know.  Only you can answer that.  One way to start is to consider what you are passionate about, what your dreams are, what your goals are, and what gets you excited.  If you were sitting across from me, right now, what would you like to talk about?  What ways would you tell me that you wanted to be artistic, make your home and life aesthetic and how you want to be creative.

I will share with you.  Keep in mind.  These things are important to me, but probably not other people.  These are things that I want to do that express the person that I am today.  They are things that I would like to sit and share with you, if you were here.

I want to re-do a metal cabinet and add it to my writing area, in my family room.
I want to spend time finding scarves, and jewelry at thrift stores to jazz up my work outfits and as a way to find something unique.
I want to make some new candles.
I am going to update my website.  I love web design and enjoy creating in that way.
I am hoping to purchase a new camera soon so I can take pictures for this blog and for my own enjoyment.
I am going to have my flute re-built so that I can play music again.
This is the year, where I am going to write my first book.  Yes!  I said that.

I have been on a journey for the past year of figuring out who I am.  I lost myself somewhere.  I became who others thought I should be, lost touch with what I like and what I want to do.  The things that I want to do aren’t revolutionary, but they are things that signify, I am becoming me.

What we do in life is important.  My metal cabinet will not be on HGTV.  You won’t see my picture in Vogue, sporting my new scarf or bracelet.  My website won’t revolutionize the internet and my pictures may never be featured in National Geographic, but, they are things that are part of being me and they are important to my life.

What we do in our personal lives is important and though others might not see it, or even appreciate it, makes it no less important.  It’s about becoming you and that is important.

Who are you?  What do you want to do?  Let’s start thinking through these questions so we can get ready to do some amazing things! Though I may never see what you do, it’s important to me.  I hope that this week you are able to figure out who you are and begin taking steps to expressing who that is.

Let’s live an amazing life!


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