Mid Week Check Up

2 more days until the weekend!  Here are 10 ways we can bring creativity to everyday life:

  1.  Winter hike:  many state parks offer guided tours.
  2. Dinner by candlelight.  Grab those matches and enjoy a quiet dinner by candlelight.
  3. Game night.  Perhaps this weekend the family can have game night.  Don’t have any games?  Make one and then enjoy a good time.
  4. Friday Flair.  Add some pizzazz to your work clothes.  Maybe a thrift store find, a new scarf, hand me down piece of jewelry, make some ear rings, or whatever you can think of.
  5. Star Gazing:  Are you missing the outdoors?  Make some cocoa, dress warm, grab a blanket and enjoy a few minutes outside gazing at the stars.
  6. Bargain Movie Night:  There are often local theaters they play older movies.  Near my home is a college cinema.  They play great movies at a bargain and introduce me to new cultures and ideas.
  7. Beat the Winter Duldrums:  Let’s plant something?  Grab a pot from the garage, give it a coat of paint and plant.  Something you can love and watch grow during the winter.  A nice easy project and way to bring life into the home.
  8. Time for a New Class?  In December I tried a wine and canvas class and a basket making class.  I hope to take a pottery class soon and let you know all about it.  A great way to boost creativity and discover new talents.
  9. Write a Letter.  Are you longing to write?  Consider writing to a long lost friend, family member, service men or women, or widow.  Writing helps release creative energy, organize thoughts and get them out of our busy minds.
  10. What Else?  Let’s do something creative this week.  So we may be knee deep in spreadsheets, emails, phone calls and work, and starting to lose our love and energy for life.  It’s time to be creative.  Look for something you can do that is easy, fun and provides you an creative outlet.

May You Live a Creative Life,


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