Hidden Art

When is someone an artist?  When can we say that we are a writer, a painter, a sculptor, a musician, a dancer, an actor, a photographer,  an orator, or anything else?  Is it when we get paid to do so?  Are the only true artists the ones that “make it”.  The ones that are artists for a living?

Each of us has talent.  This talent is often suppressed, unfulfilled and undeveloped.  It becomes a hidden area in our life.  This world also has hidden art.  It is the art that is found in everyday life, rather than a career or profession.  The world is filled with talented people and they often perform their talent in the everyday of life.

You are talented.  Perhaps you know what your talent is or perhaps you don’t.  Perhaps you have a yearning to sculpt, take pictures, write, draw, craft, sing, act or you name it.  Perhaps you think you can’t do it because it’s not a part of your career path.  Perhaps it’s something that can be done, however, in your everyday life.  What we do at home, in our personal lives, is as meaningful as what we do at work.  Isn’t it?

I want to spend some time this year exploring our talents and how we can express them in Hidden Art, or the everyday of life.  I believe that once you begin to see your talent and express it you can experience a renewed joy for life.  You will be able to live your life according to who you were made to be.  Isn’t this a life worth living?  I think so.

I want to thank, Edith Schaeffer and her book, The Hidden Art of Homemaking, for introducing me to this concept and helping me to discover my talent and ways to express it.

I am looking forward to taking this journey with you.  As you discover what your talent  is let me know.  I want to hear about what you are learning and the ways you find to express your talent.

Wishing you creative living,


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