Box of Creative Goodness

A couple years ago I went to a yard sale and found a box of creative goodness.  At least that is what I saw.  I don’t think the people who inherited the box agreed, otherwise they wouldn’t have put this diamond in the rough up for sale, for a few dollars.

As I walked into the garage I saw a brown box with only one flap open up. I opened all the flaps and was surprised to find a box full of travel brochures, event tickets, receipts, plane ticket stubs, you name it.  The person who owned the box had recently passed away. He spent his life traveling around the world and had saved a remnant from each place he traveled.  In this box was a lifetime full of memories.

At first I wasn’t sure what I would do with it and I knew I had to follow my “yard sale rule”.  You see I don’t want to bring things home just to bring them home.  I want to bring things home I can use.  No need to become a hoarder.  I knew I could use this to decorate and that it would fit in with my library, decoration theme of,travel so I bought it.

I have used the items in this box in some of the following ways:

  • Decoupaged tickets and brochures to a plain wood t.v. stand and used the stand as a side table.  Made the stand unique and fit in with my travel theme.
  • I framed post cards that were in the box and made that a highlight on a living room wall.
  • I have a creative office space in my house.  I used maps that were in the box as wall decor.  Maps from all around the world.
  • There were travel magazines in the box that I pulled out and used as decor on shelves and coffee tables

There are so many ways I can continue to use the contents of this box.  It was an amazing find.  I feel honored to use the materials this man collected and feel like I am keeping his memories alive by using the items in the box.

It’s amazing what you can find at yard sales and how you can use items to create unique decor.  Feed your creative juices by reading and viewing what other creative people are doing.  This will help you see things from a creative view when you go to your next yard sale, thrift store or flea market.  Happy hunting!


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